Safeguarding and Welfare Statement

It has been brought to the League’s attention that there have been several concerns regarding the behaviour of individuals during recent fixtures.

The safety, wellbeing and welfare of players, officials and all involved before, during and after a fixture is paramount.

We, the League, want to ensure that you are aware of the procedures that should be followed if anyone has any concerns.

If you feel that there is any form of unacceptable behaviour either directly, as a threat or perceived intimidation then you should contact at least one of the following: -

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• Dial the police on 999 in an emergency.
• Dial the police on 101 in a none emergency.
• Report to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC).
• Report to the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU).
• Report to Childline or call on 0800 1111.
• Report to The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).
• Report to Manchester FA or call on 0161 225 1966.
• Report to the Child Welfare Officer
• Report to any member of the SMGFL Committee .
• Report to anyone you trust.

We, the League, will not tolerate any behaviour that may put anyone in any form of risk and expect full mutual respect between individuals to ensure that the spirit of the SMGFL and the game itself is implemented for everyone’s enjoyment. We feel that it is the responsibility of each individual to uphold these principals.


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