Dear Secretary/Manager

This is a reminder letter that the AGM of the South Manchester Girls Football League will be held on Thursday 15th June 2017.

The meeting will be held at Metro Sports & Social Club, Moss Road, Stretford, Manchester M32 0AH, and will start at 7.45pm.

Please could we ask all new clubs to the league to arrive between 6.30pm and 6.45pm so that we can meet with you before we propose you to our members. New clubs should bring the relevant associated documentation about their club, such as financials, development, club history and any necessary release details from previous leagues.

Included with this letter is the AGM notice letter, the bottom portion of which must be brought to the meeting to allow your club to vote on the relevant issues, as well as the agenda, overview of the accounts and the minutes from the last AGM.

Please can you pass this information on to all relevant representatives of your club, as all clubs both existing and new to the league must be represented. Failure to attend this meeting will lead your club to be fined.

Yours sincerely

Pete Dyer

Secretary SMGFL

Presentation Quiz

First session winners shared by the two tables occupied by:
Alty Griffins U11's

Three way tie in the next sessions between Golborne Girls U11's, Richmond Rovers U12's and Golborne Girls U13's.
The nearest to the answer for question 20 decided the winner:
"Richmond Rabble"

1. How many cartoon images does each player have on their board in game of ‘Guess Who?’ 24

2. Which is the closest prime number to 100? 101

3. What was the name of the 2016 film sequel to ‘Finding Nemo’? Finding Dory

4. ‘Thicken’ is an anagram of which other word? Kitchen

5. What is 2017 in Roman numerals? MMXVII

6. A field polo match is divided into time periods called what? Chukkas

7. What is the only country which currently has an Emperor? Japan

8. Who was the first ever presenter of University Challenge? Bamber Gascoigne

9. How many times have the Winter Olympics been held in the UK? None

10. Which was the first ‘Wham!’ single to reach number one in the UK? Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

11. In the Sherlock Holmes stories, what is the first name of Dr Watson? John

12. The largest cathedral in the UK can be found in which city? Liverpool

13. On a standard dartboard, what is the lowest number that cannot be achieved with a single dart? 23

14. What was pumped ashore at Easington in County Durham, England for the first time in 1967? North Sea Gas

15. When Mario Balotelli scored in the Manchester derby in 2011, he unveiled a t-shirt with what three words on it? Why always me

16. Which English singer has to date released three studio albums, all with mathematical symbols as their titles? Ed Sheeran

17. Which is the most expensive property to purchase on a standard UK Monopoly board? Mayfair

18. Gaston, LeFou and Maurice are characters in which Disney film? Beauty and the Beast

19. Traditionally, winners of the Indy 500 in America will drink from a bottle of … what? Milk

20. To date: How many goals (±50) have been registered in the SMGFL? 35,090

£1,809 Donated to The League's Nominated Charity

£1,809 Donated to The League's Nominated Charity
Donations and all fines related to Match Day offences are donated to the Well Child Charity. Please click on the above image to see your donations working.

Fixtures, Results and Tables

Fixtures, Results and Tables
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